Application Performance

The i7-3720QM took 6.27 seconds to complete the Excel workload, 35% slower than the i7-3770K and i7-2600K, yet comparable to the i7-920 and i5-2500K.

The i7-3720QM took 120 seconds to complete the 700MB custom WinRAR workload, which is basically on par with the i7-920 and 12% faster than the AMD FX-8150.

The i7-3720QM was disappointingly slow in the Adobe Photoshop CS5 benchmark, taking 30.1 seconds to complete the radial blur test. Although this was better than the AMD FX-6100 and Phenom II X6 1100T, it pushed the i7-3720QM 57% behind the i7-3770K.

The mobile chip regained its balance in Fritz Chess 13, coming in at just 4% slower than the i7-2600K and 13% slower than the i7-3770K.