Very High Quality

Using the very high quality settings at 1680x1050 shows just how demanding this game can be on the GPU as it took the GeForce GTX 570 to average over 60fps at this relatively low resolution.

Those hoping to exceed 60fps will require a GeForce GTX 570 or Radeon HD 7870. Again the Radeon HD 7970 was found to be just slightly faster than the old GeForce GTX 580 while the new GeForce GTX 600 series cards were unstoppable.

Now at 1920x1200 the GeForce GTX 570 averaged just 53fps and the Radeon HD 6970 was found rendering 50fps. Although both graphics cards provided playable performance at this resolution using the very high quality settings moments of choppy gameplay may be experienced.

The Radeon HD 5870 with 39fps, the 6870 with 38fps and the GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 37fps were all too slow in our opinion for these quality settings.

Few graphics cards were able to provide smooth, lag-free performance at 2560x1600. Only the new GeForce GTX 600 series were able to crack the 50fps barrier with the GTX 670 averaging 51fps and the GTX 680 54fps.

The Radeon HD 7970 was slightly slower than the GTX 670 with 48fps while the 7950 managed just 44fps.