Overclocking Performance

From the Nvidia specification, which has a 915MHz core and 1502MHz (6008MHz DDR) memory clock, we were able to push the GTX 660 Ti to 1113MHz and 1547MHz (6188MHz DDR) – a 22% core clock increase and 8% higher than Gigabyte's factory overclock.

This configuration performed well, delivering 11% more performance over the standard GTX 660 Ti and 7% more performance than Gigabyte's offering when testing with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, enough to overtake the GTX 670 and put the GTX 660 Ti within striking distance of the HD 7970.

In Crysis 2, our manual overclock boosted performance by 11% over Nvidia's specification and 8% over Gigabyte's factory overclock for an average of 41fps, a measly 2fps slower than the GTX 670.

Max Payne 3 really enjoyed the overclock, showing a 15% increase over the standard setting and 8% over Gigabyte's overclock, allowing the GTX 660 Ti to overtake the HD 7970 GHz Edition and putting it within 5fps of the GTX 670.