Benchmarks: File Copy Test

Surprisingly, the Crucial m4 mSATA 256GB was 34% faster than the standard m4 512GB SSD in our 6GB ISO file copy test. In fact, with a throughput of 227.3MB/s, the m4 mSATA was the fastest SSD we have tested here, beating the Samsung 830 Series 512GB by 17MB/s.

Things were quite different in the program copy test as the m4 mSATA was about 20% slower than the m4 2.5" with a throughput of just 115.1MB/s – one of the slowest speeds we've recorded here.

When running our game copy test, the m4 mSATA rebounded with a bandwidth of 215.5MB/s, slightly slower than the Samsung 830 Series 512GB and 16% faster than the m4 512GB.