Benchmarks: PCMark 7

The m4 mSATA delivered the same performance as the m4 2.5" and Kingston HyperX in PCmark 7's importing pictures test with a throughput of 26.9MB/s.

The compact m4 slipped behind Crucial's larger drive in PCmark 7's video editing test, though it was still ahead of the Samsung 830 Series and Vertex 4 with a throughput of 22.7MB/s.

We recorded a considerable difference in performance between both m4 drives for the first time, with the smaller version scoring 49.8MB/s and the larger unit managing 59MB/s in PCmark 7's starting applications test.

In PCmark 7's gaming test, we found that both of Crucial's drives performed similarly, and with a throughput of 16.1MB/s, the mSATA iteration slightly outpaced the Vertex 4.