Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The 840 Pro provided strong sequential read performance in AS SSD Benchmark, maintaining its lead over the 830 with a throughput of 510.4MB/s.

The 840 Pro's sequential write bandwidth was impressive again, faring 29% better than the old 830 with a speed of 491.8MB/s.

The 840 Pro provided the same strong performance as the 830 in AS SSD Benchmark's 4K-64 thread test, reaching a throughput of 273.1MB/s.

Although the 840 Pro fell behind the SandForce SSDs when measuring 4K-64 thread write performance, it matched the Vertex 4 and bested its predecessor by 82%.

When measuring read access times, the 840 Pro came in at 0.074ms, a fraction faster than the 830's 0.076ms, slightly higher than SandForce SSDs and slightly lower than the Crucial m4 and Vertex 4.

Again, the 840 Pro's access time was slightly better than the 830's, though it was beaten by OCZ's latest offerings.