Benchmarks: PCMark 7

The 840 Pro delivered an impressive 30.3MB/s in PCmark 7's importing pictures test, which works out to a 6% lead over the 830 and Vertex 4.

The 840 Pro provided mediocre results in the video editing test as its 22.8MB/s throughput barely outdid the 830's 22.5MB/s results.

The 840 Pro's performance in the starting applications test was remarkable as it managed a throughput of 64.1MB/s, 41% faster than the 830 and 10% faster than the Intel SSD 520 Series, which was previously the fastest SSD we recorded here.

The last PCmark 7 test we ran focused on gaming performance and the 840 Pro outpaced the 830 by 9% with a throughput of 17.6MB/s.