Application Performance

Again, we see virtually no speed boost from Piledriver over Bulldozer, as the FX-8350 was just 2.5% faster than the FX-8150, while the FX-6300 had an equal lead over the FX-6100. At the same time, the FX-8350 was 13% faster than the i5-3470 and 23% slower than the i7-3770K.

Our Photoshop CS5 test saw the FX-8350 beat the FX-8150 by a slim 3% margin, while the FX-6300 was 4% faster than the FX-6100. AMD's new Piledriver flagship part managed to beat the i5-3470 by a 7% margin, though it was also 26% slower than the i7-3770K.

For only the second time thus far, the FX-8350 outperformed its predecessor by a 10% margin or better when testing with Fritz Chess 13. The FX-8350 was 12% faster than the FX-8150, while the FX-6300 was 11% faster than the FX-6100. When compared to Intel's lineup, the FX-6300 managed to match the i5-3470, while the FX-8350 was 19% faster.