Ultra Quality Preset

Playing on Warfighter's ultra preset requires a high-end card, as the HD 7850 and GTX 560 Ti only produced 41fps and 38fps, while AMD's previous-generation flagship single-GPU card rendered a meager 36fps. The new GTX 660 Ti fell just shy of our ideal at 57fps, while the HD 7950 hit 60fps and the new boost version matched the GTX 670 at 68fps.

Running the game on ultra at 1920x1200 saw the HD 6970 average just 30fps while the GTX 560 Ti gave 31fps. To reach 40fps, you'll need at least the GTX 580 or HD 7870 and you'll need a current-gen flagship card if you want a chance of exceeding 60fps.

Folks planning to play on ultra with high-res single or multi-monitor setups will require one or more top-end cards, as the HD 7970 GHz Edition topped our charts with 42fps while the GTX 680 managed only 38fps. Frame rates nosedive from there, with half of the cards tested producing less than 30fps.