Benchmarks: Doom 3, Quake 4

Right out of the box a single Albatron 7300GT plays fairly well at 1280x1204, rendering an average of 41fps in Doom 3. Overclock this graphics card a little more and the average frame rate at this resolution quickly hits 50fps! Throw them in SLI without any additional overclocking aid and the frame rate jumps to 72fps. Then overclock the SLI configuration and you end up with 82fps. That's an extra 15fps over the GeForce 7600GT at 1280x1204.

Given Quake 4 is based on the Doom 3 engine, you can expect to see similar performance margins and trends. This time let’s take a look at the 1600x1200 resolution performance. I find it impressive to see such affordable graphics cards delivering playable performance at this resolution. I find this even more impressive given the fact that FSAA 2x + Aniso 8x is enabled along with high-quality in game settings.

Initially the Albatron 7300GT managed to render 37fps and once overclocked this number jumped slightly to 42fps. However, it was SLI mode that really kicked the 7300GT in the backside, boosting the average frame rate at 1600x1200 to 67fps. Then the overclocked SLI configuration pumped out an insane 81.7fps! This was an impressive 17fps over the 7600GT mark.