Benchmarks: Far Cry, UT2004

Despite being somewhat of an old title, Far Cry does put these affordable graphics cards to the test, particularly with maximum in-game quality settings enabled with FSAA 2x + Aniso 8x. The Albatron 7300GT card really struggled at 1600x1200, rendering just 29fps. Overclocking boosted this to a more healthy 36fps average. Once again SLI did well, effectively boosting performance to 54fps and then 65fps once overclocked. This is quite good when you consider the overclocked SLI 7300GT cards were 12fps faster than the single 7600GT.

The UT2004 performance results prove that if you are going to play games that are only as demanding as UT2004, a single 7300GT graphics card is going to be more than ample.