Image Quality Comparison

Let's take a quick look at some screenshots that show the difference between the very high, high and medium quality presets we're testing. Click on the thumbnails and open them up in separate tabs in your browser so you can toggle between them.

The very high quality image is stunning, the textures are impressive, lighting is great, the rain effects are very realistic and there is loads of detail. When dropping the quality to high there is a noticeable difference in lighting quality, the rain doesn't look quite as good and objects in the distance are showing less detail.

Going from high to medium brings a massive reduction in quality. The lighting quality is now very poor and the light does not reflect off objects. The rain has lost lots of detail and the environment textures are noticeably lower.

The above very high quality screenshot looks gorgeous again as the lighting is excellent, textures are great and there is loads of detail. Dropping down to high seems to slightly reduce the lighting quality in the above screenshot and there appears to be a lot less detail drawn in the distance. Going to medium repeats what we just saw as the lighting quality is reduced and even less detail in the distance is drawn.