Benchmarks: Doom 3, Quake 4

X3: Reunion may have favored the Radeon X1600 Pro, but Doom 3 certainly did not. Without any overclocking the standard 7300GT was on average roughly 4~5fps faster than the Radeon X1600 Pro, which is obviously not a huge victory for the 7300GT. However, overclocking did boost the performance of the 7300GT further as it did become significantly faster than the overclocked X1600 Pro.

Quake 4 was designed using the Doom 3 engine and that being the case, it is easy to understand why the performance trends remain the same. This gave the GeForce 7300GT another win over the Radeon X1600 Pro, though both graphics cards offered playable framerates at the same resolutions. For example, without overclocking either card was not playable at 1600x1200, but they were speedy enough to play the game at 1280x1024.