Synthetic Benchmarks

The Core i7-4960X received a score of 24541pts in the 3DMark Cloud Gate test which made it just 4% faster than the older i7-3960X, so much of that gain can be attributed to the increased clock frequency. When compared to the Core i7-4770K and even the old Core i7-3770K the i7-4960X was just 6% faster.

The 3Dmark 06 benchmark showed a more convincing 9% margin favoring the Core i7-4960X when compared to the i7-3960X, which just happens to be the same clock speed percentage increase. Despite the improvement the Core i7-4960X was still 8% slower than the i7-3770K and 12% slower than the i7-4770K.

Interestingly the 6-core Core i7 processors don't score that well in the PCMark 7 benchmark either, as the Core i7-4960X managed just 5356 pts. While that made it 4% faster than the i7-3960X, it was still 11% slower than the i7-4770K.