Benchmarks: Ultra Quality Preset

Ultra quality's massive draw distances and detailed world are too much for most graphics cards to handle at 1680x1050, with the HD 7950 Boost being required to crack 30fps. Again, it was the SLI and Crossfire configurations that got the job done, as the dual HD 7970 GHz Edition cards produced 69fps and the GTX 770 duo displayed 80fps.

At 1920x1200, Arma 3 reduced the GTX Titan to only 53fps, while the GTX 660 Ti SLI setup landed in the upper 40s, just ahead of the GTX 780. Meanwhile, the GTX 680 rendered a meager 37fps while the HD 7970 GHz Edition is the last card worth mentioning at 31fps – too choppy for our taste, but perhaps smooth enough performance for some.

Arma 3 has to be one of the most GPU demanding games we've tested recently, bringing the GTX Titan down to only 36fps when playing on ultra at 2560x1600. Our high-end two-way SLI and Crossfire setups also struggled, with our pair of HD 7970 GHz Edition cards managing 43fps and the GTX 770s reaching 48fps – below our desired 60fps.