Image Quality Comparison

We've included some in-game screenshots that compare the low, standard, high, very high and ultra-quality presets. The images speak for themselves, but we'll note some of the biggest differences.

Although there is an obvious change between low and ultra quality, one of the most noteworthy findings is that ARMA 3's water looks fantastic no matter what visual setting you play on. In fact, we'd say the differences between very high and ultra are subtle, largely boiling down to the latter's superior view distance.

Looking at objects such as a military vehicle close up reveals little difference between ultra and very high, though the downgrade becomes more apparent when running on high, which takes a noticeable hit in anti-aliasing and texture quality. Changes in shadows and lighting become apparent as you scale back even further.

When comparing screenshots of the highest two settings, ultra offers a deeper horizon and greater detail on distant objects such as trees. Jumping from very high to high produces even bigger changes as the horizon shrinks further and much of the detail surrounding the nearby town is lost. Standard and low look considerably worse still.