Benchmarks: File Copy Test

In our single large file copy test, the OCZ Vector 150 was not only slower than the original Vector, but 19% slower with a throughput of 240.5MB/s, which was also slightly slower than the Intel SSD 335, 27% slower than the Samsung SSD 840 Pro and 23% slower than the SanDisk Extreme II.

The Vector 150 recovered in our program copy test with a throughput of 188MB/s, 4% faster than the original version. This puts OCZ's latest offering in similar standing to the Intel SSD 335 while being 8% slower than the 840 Pro and 6% slower than the SanDisk Extreme II.

In our game copy test, the Vector 150 slipped behind the original Vector again, though only by a very slim margin this time. With a throughput of 246.7MB/s, it was just 2% slower than the Vector and a mere 1% slower than the 840 Pro. That said, it still lagged 7% behind the SanDisk Extreme II.