Benchmarks: TRIM & Full Drive Performance

We tested the Vector 150 in several configurations to show you how performance might change over time and whether not lost performance can be restored. We're going to test the drive before filling it, after filling it, then with TRIM having run on the full drive and one last time after deleting the data (the red bars).

Once filled with data, the Vector 150 became around 10% slower in our large file copy test and we couldn't restore that performance by optimizing the drive.

This time we see a 16% drop in performance with the Vector 150 full, as its throughput went from 187.8MB/s to 161.7MB/s.

The last copy test uses our game data and here we see a 22% reduction in performance with the drive full.

Sequential read performance wasn't affected much by filling drive, which isn't surprising as the effects of a full drive mainly appear in write performance.

Speaking of which, sequential write performance fell by 30% after we filled the Vector 150.

When running the random 512K read test, the Vector 150's performance did fall, but only by 8%.

When measuring the performance loss using the random 512K write test, the Vector 150 was 16% slower when full.