Benchmarks: PCMark 7

The Vector 150 scored better than any other SSD in PCMark 7's importing images test, but as we've seen before, it only has a slight edge over the competition with 0.1MB/s over the Vertex 450 and Samsung SSD 840 Pro, and 0.2MB/s over the Vector.

The Vector 150 topped the original Vector in the video editing test with a throughput of 22.7MB/s versus 21.9MB/s, and while it was still slower than seven other SSDs tested, the fastest SSD only managed 23.6MB/s.

Once again, the Vector 150 was faster than the original Vector at 56.8MB/s, while the 840 Pro remained on top with 64.1MB/s.

The Vector 150 was just 0.1MB/s faster than the original with a total throughput of 16.6MB/s, while Samsung's 840 Pro holds the top score here as well with 17.6MB/s.