CPU Performance

Interestingly despite being clocked at the same frequency, the QX9650 appears to be much faster in the SiSoft Whetstone iSSE3 test when compared to the QX6850. Of course the QX9650 has been tested on an updated platform, though we never expected that this would have any impact on these results. The Dhrystone ALU performance was much closer between these two processors, though the QX9650 was again faster. Moving on to the SiSoft Multimedia testing we found that the new QX9650 was no faster than the older QX6850.

The Super PI results saw both the QX9650 and the QX6850 complete the 512KB calculation in 7 seconds, while the QX9650 did complete the 1MB calculation 1 second faster than the QX6850. The PCmark2005 processor performance results were again much the same.