Benchmarks: File Copy Test

Despite WD's claim of a 350MB/s read speed, it's the Black2's 140MB/s write throughput that falls short here. The SSD portion of the drive managed just 105.8MB/s, which is only slightly faster than the WD Black 4TB HDD and slower than the WD Velociraptor 1TB.

OCZ's Agility 4 256GB was previously the slowest SSD tested here and the Black2 was 23% slower than that. Even worse, the Black2's flash drive was 46% slower than the Samsung SSD 840 Evo 250GB while its hard drive portion was the slowest storage device tested at 42MB/s, 54% slower than the WD Black 4TB.

When running the file copy test with our program data, the SSD portion of the WD Black2 was roughly 70% faster than the WD Black and Velociraptor drives with 97.9MB/s, but this was also 12% slower than the Agility 4 and 47% slower than the 840 Evo. Again, the Black2's hard drive portion was quite slow, managing just 34MB/s, 40% slower than the WD Black and Velociraptor.

The Black2's SSD managed just 117MB/s in our game file copy test, 25% slower than the Agility 4 and 56% slower than the 840 Evo, while its hard drive was limited to a mere 41MB/s.