Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

The HS-210 sustained a transfer speed of 47.3MB/s when uploading a single large file, 17% faster than the TS-220 but 10% slower than the TS-221. QNAP's offering was also 53% slower than the DS214play.

Next to its TS-220, QNAP's HS-210 was 10% faster and 13% slower than the TS-221, though it was much slower than the DS214play again, this time by 45%. Installing Seagate's drives boosted performance 31% to 50.5MB/s.

In our program upload test, the HS-210 delivered 22.9MB/s, 55% faster than the TS-220 but 22% slower than the TS-221 and 32% slower than the DS214play. Swapping WD's Red drives for Seagate's NAS drives improved performance by 28%.