Benchmarks: File Copy Performance

Copying large files on the QNAP HS-210 is quite slow. We saw a transfer speed of just 26.4MB/s, only 15% faster than the TS-220 while being 14% slower than the TS-221 and 44% slower than the DS214play. Installing Seagate's NAS drives boosted performance by 22% allowing for a throughput of 32.1MB/s.

The HS-210 delivered similar performance to the TS-220 in our game copy test but it was much slower than the TS-221 and its throughput of 19.4MB/s it was 44% slower than the DS214play. Seagate's drives allowed for a 19% jump in performance, bringing the HS-210 to 23MB/s.

QNAP's HS-210 offered 9MB/s in our program copy test, which works out to 11% or 1.1MB/s less than the TS-220 and although the HS-210's throughput increased another 20% after installing Seagate's drives, that only equates to 2MB/s.