Benchmarks: File Download Performance

When downloading a single large file from the QNAP HS-210 we saw a throughput of 84.9MB/s, 28% greater than that of the similar spec TS-220. This meant that the HS-210 was just 4% slower than the TS-221 while it was 24% slower than the new Synology DS214play.

That said, when armed with Seagate's NAS hard drives, the HS-210 was surprisingly 30% faster than WD's Red drives. Keep in mind all other NAS devices were tested with the WD Red drives.

This time, the QNAP HS-210 delivered 52.6MB/s, 16% more bandwidth than the TS-220 but 7% slower than the TS-221. Using the same WD Red drives as the Synology DS214play, the HS-210 was 24% slower.

Once we installed Seagate's NAS drives the HS-210 became 21% faster, though we cannot compare that figure to any of our previously tested devices as they all used the Red drives.

The last download performance test uses our program data and the QNAP HS-210 delivered 19.1MB/s or roughly the same result as the TS-220. Installing the Seagate NAS drives boosted performance 21%.