IGP Performance

Although the A10-7850K's CPU performance was disappointing, its 512-SPU R7 GPU looks to be the fastest integrated solution we have seen yet with 21.5fps at 1680x1050 in Company of Heroes 2, 13% faster than the A8-7600, 24% faster than the A10-6800K and 144% faster than the Core i5-4430 (Intel HD Graphics 4600).

The A10-7850K averaged 27.6fps in Metro: Last Light for 5% more performance than the A8-7600 and 22% more than the A10-6800K. It also topped the Core i5-4430 by 67%.

With an average of 27.6fps at 1680x1050 in Hitman: Absolution, the A10-7850K was 3% faster than the A10-6800K and 6% faster than the A8-7600.

The A10-7850K was just 2% faster than the A10-6800K when running Tomb Raider at 1680x1050, though it bested the A8-7600 by 11% and the Core i5-44300 by 50%.

With an average of 32fps in BioShock: Infinite, the A10-7850K was 8% faster than the A10-6800K and 11% faster than the A8-7600.

For the first time, the A10-7850K really put some distance between it and the A10-6800K. When testing Arma 3 at 1680x1050, the A10-7850K was 29% faster than the A10-6800K and 32% faster than the A8-7600.