Synthetic/Application Benchmarks

Compared to the A8-7600 (65w), the A10-7850K was just 5% faster in the 3DMark 06 benchmark which meant that it was 4% slower than the A10-6800K which was tested with slightly faster memory.

The A10-7850K finished the Excel 2013 workload in 16, half a second faster than the A8-7600 but more than a second slower than the A10-6800K.

The A10-7850K was just 4% faster than the A8-7600 when testing with 7-zip's benchmark, which was also 7% slower than the A10-6800K.

This time the A10-7850K was 9% faster than the A8-7600 in the WinRAR multithreading test though that it was still 14% slower than the A10-6800K.

The x264 HD Benchmark results placed AMD's A10-7850K 5% faster than its A8-7600 in the first pass while matching the A10-6800K.