Benchmarks: Futuremark PCmark05

For reasons that are unknown to us the Phenom processors deliver superior performance in the PCmark05 graphics test. In fact, so does the Athlon64 X2, so we believe this probably has something to do with the on-die memory controller. The PCmark05 CPU test on the other hand favors the Intel processors. The dual-core E8400 was faster than the quad-core Phenom 9900 in this test.

Another batch of interesting PCmark05 results can be seen above, as the Phenom processors delivered superior system scores. The overall PCmark05 score was higher on the Phenom processors, even the 2.2GHz 9500 was able to defeat the 3.0GHz E8400. Yet, interestingly all AMD CPU's memory performance was much lower than the Core 2 processors, which is not something we have seen previously.