Application Performance

Programs like Excel 2013 that take advantage of multiple threads will always favor quad-core processors such as the Core i5, Core i7 and FX-8000 series instead of cheaper dual-core processors. The Pentium G3258 was one of the slowest processors tested, though it did manage to match the A10-7850K.

Overclocking the G3258 improved performance by 18%, reducing the completion time to just 12.6 seconds, but the Core i3-4130 was still 10% faster.

WinRAR is great for comparing single and multi-threaded performance. As you can see, the higher clocked Intel Pentium G3258 is faster than the Core i3-4130 when measuring single core performance, while it is just a fraction slower than the Core i5-4670K. However, multithreading performance changes everything and even a heavily overclocked G3258 is no match for the Core i3-4130 which supports four threads using Hyper-Threading.

The Intel Pentium G3258 performs reasonably well in Photoshop CC compared to processors such as the AMD FX-8350 and Core i3-4130. Overclocking the G3258 made it 18% faster, reducing the completion time to just 36.4 seconds, which was faster than both the AMD FX-8350 and Core i3-4130.