Video Playback Performance

For those hoping to use one of these CPUs in their next HTPC, these results will be of interest as they show us how well the chips handle 720p and 1080p content.

The video playback test in PCMark 7 uses Microsoft Media Foundation for playback and runs 1080p samples at 24fps. As you can see all processors managed to deliver the required 24fps.

Not wanting to just take PCMark's word for it we conducted our own 720p and 1080p tests using MPlayer. Using the benchmark mode, MPlayer allows the system to play the video as fast as it can without frame loss. The Pentium J2900 was capable of rendering up to 58.5fps, more than fast enough to handle 720p content.

Naturally, 1080p content is more demanding and here we are looking for at least 25fps for flawless playback, a task the Pentium J2900 had no trouble completing with 49fps, almost 50% faster than the Athlon 5350.