Checking out the Software

Since we only have the Thunder M7 and K7 plugged in that is all the software detected. The main menu above lets you select which item you want to examine/modify.

Above we see the profiles menu to customize all the buttons for the M7 individually for each profile.

The Thunder M7's macro buttons can be fully customized and the icons in the software can even be changed to represent what the macro key is for.

Here we have the settings menu for the Thunder M7, which provides access to sensitivity, polling rate, lighting and scroll wheel configuration.

The sensitivity menu allows the user to adjust the value for each DPI shifting button.

The scroll wheel sensitivity can be adjusted allowing for up to three lines per notch.

Finally, the Thunder M7's memory menu allows you to erase all the data in the memory, backup the data in the memory or restore a previous backup.

The Thunder K7's options are more limited and really only let you setup the profiles for the number pad.

The settings menu allows you to further edit the profiles along with a few onboard memory related options.