A closer look at the Thunder K7

The Thunder K7 is an all-black keyboard with an affinity for straight edges. The board is obviously styled for gamers who prefer more a more aggressive appearance and frankly I would be happy seeing it every day.

In the top left corner of the main keyboard are two scroll wheels which allow for quick adjustments of the system volume and keyboard backlighting. We think the wheels are neat to begin with but Gigabyte went the extra mile to make them clickable so you can mute your audio or disable the backlighting altogether.

Flipping over the Thunder K7 doesn't reveal much other than a few fold out feet. There isn't any option here for cable management, though since the Thunder K7 doesn't feature any kind of connectivity hub, that isn't too surprising. The lack of USB and audio connectivity will be missed by some potential buyers but perhaps this is an area Gigabyte skimped to help keep its pricing in check.

The fold out feet raise the Thunder K7 up slightly and I much prefer the raised angle, especially for typing. The feet are rubberized for extra grip but unfortunately they fold down easily when moving the keyboard backwards. This isn't an issue if you don't move your keyboard, but I often like to move mine around the desk depending on what I am doing.