Aorus Thunder P3X Gaming Mouse Pad

For the gamer that spends $150 on a keyboard and $90 on a mouse, Aorus has the Thunder P3X, a $40 doormat of a mouse pad. There are cheaper/smaller versions of the P3, the large costs $33, the medium $23 and the small $20.

Though, why bother with the 440mm wide pad when you can have the full meter-wide extended version? Nope, I can't think of a good reason either.

The P3X has been given a stitched anti-fraying edge that will help with durability, so that could be a perk if you've destroyed other cloth pads.

As mentioned, the pad stretches 1000mm long but it is also 400mm deep and 3mm thick. Underneath the P3X features a non-slip rubber base which will stop it from walking all over your desk.

On top we have a micro-fabric surface featuring a high-density woven pattern that is also spill-resistant – a handy feature since most gamers like to set drinks within reach.