Synthetic Benchmarks

The ECS Liva is around 10% slower than the Celeron J1800 when measuring multi-threaded performance and with a score of just 0.78pts, the box is half as fast as the Celeron J1900.

Don't expect to execute any 3D-related tasks on the Liva as it scored just 1002pts in the 3Dmark Cloud Gate test.

The older 3DMark 06 benchmark was no kinder to the Liva with its meager 1759fps, almost 50% slower than the AMD Sempron 3850.

The Liva scored just 1037pts in the PCMark 8 home test, suggesting it's only capable of handling basic tasks such as browsing and email.

With 763pts in the creative suite, ECS' system doesn't exactly look like it's made for piping multimedia content.

When it comes to office tasks such as spreadsheets and web chatting, however, the Liva will get the job done.

Our applications office suite tests the performance of Microsoft Office and the Liva looks to be half as slow as the Celeron G1820.