Network & Storage Performance

The SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB provides a maximum sequential read throughput of just 105MB/s, which is considerably lower than a decent hard drive.

The sequential write performance is even worse with the SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB being more than three times slower than the WD Black hard drive.

The random 512K read performance is decent by hard drive standards, but slow by SSD standards.

Despite the decent random 512K read performance the write result for the SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB was horrible, with just 22MB/s.

The random 4K-QD32 read performance was weak as the SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB allowed for just 10MB/s.

As poor as the random 4K-QD32 read performance was the write results were even worse, as the SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB was only able to match the mechanical hard drives.

Above we used CrystalDiskMark to measure the Liva network performance using both the Gigabit wired and wireless solutions. The test has been conducted without using the local SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB storage to avoid any bottlenecks. As you can see the Gigabit LAN interface is virtually maxed out when read/writing data. The wireless performance was average reaching just 10.3MB/s read and 8.3MB/s write.

This time we used the SanDisk eMMC SDIN8DE4-64GB to send and receive data. The wireless performance doesn't change much, but the write performance of the Gigabit LAN interface drops significantly to just 36.3MB/s.