Battery Life

If you were impressed by the battery life results posted by the Xperia Z3 in that review, get set for another set of fantastic results from the Xperia Z3 Compact. The 2,600mAh non-removable battery is large for a device of this size, and once again is suitable for two days of typical usage.

Just like with my testing for the Xperia Z3 I decided to only charge the Xperia Z3 Compact once every two days. With my standard usage patterns including social media, messaging, phone calls, web browsing and camera use, the Compact passed my general battery life test with flying colors. I just wish more smarphone OEMs placed an emphasis on battery life, because it's so critical.

Aside from outstanding performance in our battery benchmarks, the Compact comes with a range of battery saving modes such as Stamina Mode and Ultra Stamina Mode. Depending on what mode you choose, you could extend the device's life by a further 12+ hours, especially if you choose the Ultra Stamina Mode which basically disables every feature of the phone in order to conserve energy.

Personally I'd recommend enabling location-based Wi-Fi and allowing the handset to queue background data, as you'll end up with the best mix of active features and battery life.