Sugo SG13 Internal Design

Removing the cover requires undoing four screws and then sliding the cover backwards. Once removed you are faced with nothing more than a rectangular frame – I mean how could there be room for anything else?

The only part worth mentioning is a small bracket on the right side used to support the power supply and another bracket across the top of the case towards the front for holding either a pair of 2.5" drives or a single 3.5" drive.

Other than that there is an assortment of typical cables, including a USB 3.0 cable, audio connector and front panel stuff such as the power and reset buttons.

The SG13 doesn't come with any fans and there is just one spot for a 120/140mm fan or radiator in the front of the case.

The power supply is by far the biggest component that will be installed in any SG13 as a 150mm long ATX PSU will consume almost 20% of the available space. It's also worth noting that even though 150mm PSUs are supposedly supported, Silverstone recommends installing one that is 10mm shorter to avoid any compatibility issues.

As far as we know, there aren't any ATX power supplies shorter than 140mm and that category is sparsely populated itself. As luck would have it, Silverstone has just the solution you'll need, offering an impressive range of power supplies measuring 140mm long.

Most of Silverstone's 140mm models are around 500w, though there is the 700w Strider Plus model however.

This got us wondering why there isn't an SFX version of the SG13. The idea behind supporting an ATX power supply is to make the SG13 more attractive to potential buyers who want to use an existing ATX power supply from a previous build.

This is a great idea in theory but the problem is most of those folks have an ATX power supply that is longer than 150mm. Moreover, those with 150mm long power supplies need to have a modular unit, as all the cables simply won't fit inside the SG13.

Silverstone now offers a 600w SFX power supply called the SX600-G and it can power a Radeon R9 290X if need be.

While we appreciate the ATX support, we would go for the SG13-SFX instead if there was an option. The smaller SFX PSU would take up around 7% of the SG13's space, not only increasing room for routing cables and larger CPU heatsinks, but it also dramatically improving air-flow.

We must admit it that it feels like Silverstone can't win here because it wasn't long ago that we were trying to avoid Mini-ITX cases which used SFX power supplies, but the availability and affordability of quality SFX power supplies has really improved (we like Silverstone's own SX600-G).