Benchmarks: File Copy Test

Samsung's SSD 850 Evo M.2 500GB was 33% faster than the 840 Evo with a throughput of 267MB/s. That said, it was still 9% slower than the Crucial MX100 when copying a single large file. The 250GB mSATA model was 7% slower than the larger 500GB models.

We only saw an 18% performance improvement when going from the old 840 Evo to the new 850 Evo M.2 500GB and 850 Evo mSATA 250GB, the latter two of which were just 3% slower than the Crucial MX100.

Our game performance test favored the SSD 850 Evo mSATA by a 9% margin compared to the previous 840 Evo model. Again, the Crucial MX100 was faster as the 850 Evo trailed by a 7% margin.