Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark 3.0

Despite their average file copy performance, the BX100 and MX200 drives perform well when measuring sequential read performance.

The sequential write performance is also great, though the MX200 is really only able to match the MX100 at best.

The MX200 starts to fall behind the MX100 when measuring random 512K performance and the BX100 really drops off the pace.

This time when measuring random 512K write performance the MX200 it able to match the MX100 while the BX100 isn't far behind.

The random 4K-QD32 read performance sees the MX200 and BX100 deliver subpar performance and again both were slower than the MX100.

The random 4K-QD32 write results are interesting as the MX200 clearly pulls ahead of the MX100 – Dynamic Write Acceleration must be working well here. The BX100 on the other hand delivered average performance.