Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

As we saw when testing with AS SSD Benchmark, the MX200 and BX100 drives are able to max out the SATA 6Gb/s connection when reading sequential data.

The same is seen when writing sequential data as both the MX200 and BX100 are able to max out the interface.

The 4K-64 thread data shows a noticeable drop off in performance when comparing the MX200 and BX100 to the MX100.

Again we see that the MX200 and BX100 series is slower than the MX100 when measuring 4K-64 thread performance.

Both the MX200 and BX100 delivered poor read access times taking 0.168ms each, considerably slower than the 0.042 seconds it took the MX100.

The write access time performance of the Crucial MX200 and BX100 was also poor taking 0.090ms. While that might seem fast it is in fact quite slow when compared to the 0.052ms response time of the MX100.