Power Consumption & Temperatures

Considering that the Titan X delivered 71% more performance than the R9 290X in BioShock, it's amazing to that their see power consumption is roughly the same.

The Titan X was 66% faster than the R9 290X in Metro Redux and although we used Metro: Last Light for the power testing, it is incredible once again to see that both GPUs used roughly the same amount of power.

When testing Tomb Raider we found that the GTX Titan X was 67% faster than the R9 290X and yet the Titan X consumed just 4% more power. Additionally, the Titan X used 16% more power than the GTX 980 while delivering 41% more frames and compared to the R9 295X2, the GTX Titan pulled 41% less power.

The Titan X would cool down to just 30 degrees with an ambient room temp of 21 degrees, though the card did hit 84 degrees when under load in Crysis 3, or slightly hotter than the Gigabyte WindForce 3X R9 290X.