Performance & Conclusion

Obviously you have to be comfortable with a palm style mouse to like the Logitech MX Master, but if you are then there is a good chance you will love it. The MX Master is a big mouse but it doesn't feel 'fat' like the MX 1100 did. The MX 1100 sported a high ridge and while it was quite comfortable, the MX Master feels more natural.

The design is also more ergonomic than the G700s. Logitech says that the MX Master features a perfectly sculpted shape that supports your hand and wrist in a comfortable, natural position. That's not all marketing BS either, the mouse is amazingly well designed for comfort.

Performance-wise the MX Master is as good as any Logitech mouse we have reviewed recently. It's precise and highly customizable. The lift-off distance is about 3 millimetres, though it is unlikely you will be picking it up much. The Darkfield Laser sensor works as expected as the MX Master tracked flawlessly on a range of surfaces, including my glossy white desk.

The only complaint I have is that the MX Master's feet feel a little 'sticky'. It doesn't slide across the mouse pad as well as my MX Performance does. The difference is only very minor, but it's easy to recognize and honestly I am not sure if there is more friction under the MX Master or if the MX Performance is just more worn in . Either way, the mouse doesn't glide quite as easily as I would have liked.

Fortunately, the right and left clickers work well and the scroll wheel is amazing. The fact that you can adjust the wheel using Logitech's software is great – being able to set the resistance is advanced. The auto scroll feature works a treat and this is now the option I prefer to use.

I'm also happy the internal battery is rechargeable using a supplied micro-USB 2.0 cable (the same cable used by my Galaxy Note 4 for example). Unlike most wireless mice (such as the one in the MX 5500 Revolution kit), the MX Master won't be stopped in its tracks once the battery runs flat. Instead, you just have to attach the USB cable and it can be used while it recharges like the gaming series G700s and G602.

Better yet, just one quick minute of charge time will see the mouse last another two hours without the cord attached! A full charge should last 40 days but I'll have to report back on this.

The MX Master will sell for $100, the same price as the MX Performance all those years ago. That seems like a fair price given that the MX Master works as well as its predecessor while offering some updates. Its improved build quality, new features and all around better looking design make the MX Master a worthy successor.


Pros: Beautifully refined design, extremely comfortable, advanced features, clean software, well priced for a premium product.

Cons: Seems ever so slightly sticky on my cloth pad when compared to past MX series mice – perhaps just a wear-in thing?