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Correct Answer: 7GHz

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Intel unveiled the design of its Tejas processor in early 2003 with the intention of launching it clocked at frequencies of 7GHz or more the following year (Jayhawk being its Xeon counterpart). However, the architecture was soon delayed until 2005 before finally being cancelled in May 2004 over concerns about excessive heat and power consumption, as was already notorious of the Prescott and previous NetBurst-based processors.

An early 90nm sample of Tejas using socket LGA 775 was rated at 150w TDP while being clocked at only 2.8GHz. By comparison, the 90nm Prescott-based Pentium 4 521 was set at the same frequency and had an 84w TDP while the upcoming 65nm Core 2 Duo had a maximum TDP of 65w when clocked at 3GHz.