Apple Lisa
Commodore Amiga
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Correct Answer: Apple Lisa

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Although the graphical user interface (GUI) owes its existence to the contribution of many great minds in the history of technology, Apple was first to market with a personal computer that featured a GUI, releasing the Apple Lisa in 1983 after a turbulent development period that began in 1978.

The machine was marketed at individual business users and although it brought some innovation, its price tag of $9,995 (approximately $30,100 in 2023) doomed it to commercial failure, not to mention criticism surrounding the machine's unreliable floppy disks and poor performance.

After lowering its prices and making hardware revisions including the use of a different floppy drive, the Lisa series was discontinued in 1986. To receive a tax write-off on its remaining inventory in 1989, Apple disposed of an estimated 2,700 Lisa machines by burying them in a guarded landfill in Logan, Utah.