Nolan Bushnell, father of video gaming
Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder
Ken Olsen, co-founder of Digital (DEC)
Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder
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Correct Answer: Ken Olsen, co-founder of Digital (DEC)

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MIT engineer and Digital Equipment Corporation co-founder Ken Olsen was quoted as saying that there would be no reason for anyone to have computers in their home and although he admitted to the quote, he said that it was taken out of context, which was in reference to computers being used in home automation and not PCs.

Personal computers including the Altair 8800 had existed for a few years at the time of his remark in 1977 and Olsen himself owned a computer at home. The same year as his "prediction" brought a series of PCs from the likes of Radio Shack, Apple, Commodore and Atari.

Olsen retired from DEC in 1992 and passed away at age 84 in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 6, 2011 -- a long enough life to see that home automation may also become commonplace.