120 feet (36 meters)
240 feet (73 meters)
512 feet (156 meters)
812 feet (248 meters)
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Correct Answer: 812 feet (248 meters)

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Before DVDs and Blu-ray, and before CDs and Walkmans were cool, there was of course the trusted VCR that used a form of magnetic tape video recording. A VHS cassette contained up to about 1,410 feet (430 meters) of the thinnest allowable tape, providing a play time of roughly four hours in a T-240/DF480 for NTSC and five hours in an E-300 for PAL at "standard play" (SP) quality, though the tape used was typically thicker to avoid jams and tears.

A standard T-120 VHS tape with two hours of playback on the NTSC TV standard would contain some 812 feet (about 248 meters) of tape. An E-120 tape that provided two hours of playback in the PAL or SECAM TV standards contained 570 feet (about 174 meters) of tape.

VHS tape production ceased around the mid-2000s, although specialized stores still carry old stock of blank tapes. In some households, VCRs are still owned and kept for their nostalgic value and keeping personal videos or home movies.