It was actually counterfeit GPUs
AMD Phenom II X4 920
Intel Core i7-920
Intel Core i5-750
Correct Answer: Intel Core i7-920

A little background…

A few hundred unlucky individuals received counterfeit Intel Core i7-920 processors in March 2010.

Although the parts looked genuine from the outside at first glance, a closer inspection revealed misspelled words on the box and the contents inside certainly told the full story: the CPU was a piece of metal with a real looking heat spreader, the cooler was a chunk of plastic with an authentic Intel sticker and fan, and the user manual was a few sheets of blank paper stapled together.

The problem stemmed from the retailer's partnership with D&H Distributing, who issued 2,000 units to Newegg and 300 of those turned out to be bogus. Along with apologizing and replacing the bogus parts, Newegg terminated its relationship with the supplier.

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