Do I need an upgrade or am I all set?

By elbongo
Apr 5, 2008
  1. currently im using a POS ibm netvista pc with a 1.8ghz P4 socket 478 when I get my ok comp back a dimension 8100 (i think) with a 1.7ghz P4 socket 755 (i think) will i experience better cpu performance than this (POS) because when i play css on this comp I get very bad lag due to crappy FPS because the cpu is overloaded. I have a couple of pics to show my point but my main question is will having a higher socket # provide better performance??
    i know they are not great pics but deal with it cuz they are not really that important for this thread. Btw i dont need any advice on how to up my fps cuz i have done EVERYTHING for this pos and nothing helps enough

    also this pos has 100mhz fsb i have 800 i believe on my dimension would that possibly stop the lag?
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  3. elbongo

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    that has nothing to do with my question bro, i specifically said not to try to give me advice on reducing lag on games, what i asked was if having a better socket number would imply that a better processor is installed and if having a higher fsb will improve my experience by lots or minimally. no offense but please read what i wrote. anyone with a actual useful comment?
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    The 775 CPU has a faster FSB which is a good point, but if it is a Prescott based Pentium-4, it is less efficient at the same clock speed than a Northwood based one (like the one on the old computer). I think both computers will have more or less the same (laggy) performance alas.
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    thanks for the input i think i will just build my own screaming comp, ive been looking into it and i can get a real nice comp with the parts i want for about $500 that would rival a xps. its build it youself (by the parts from newegg assemble them yourself) and i think that is my best deal other than upgrading my obsolete dell
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