lost 130 gb of space when I deleted a partition while installing windows

By adhdmongo
Jan 18, 2006
  1. ok hope anyone can help me with this, I don't know much about computers but this is what happend.

    I formated my hardrive and reinstalled windows xp, a lil older version of it, somehow I managed to delete a partition during the installation and half my hardrive space was gone, I've tried downloading partition magic, hoping to fix it in there but I can't seem to figure out how, anyone got any idea of how to fix this problem?
  2. Nodsu

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    I don't think anyone can help you with your problem with figuring out stuff :p And since Partition Magic is not free software, noone is going to help you download that either.

    Now, posting some information about the type and size of your hard drive (as reported by the BIOS at startup) and the way Windows sees the drive (perhaps a screenshot from the Windows Disk Manager) would help us to help you.

    Making a wild guess, you have a hard drive that is bigger than 137GB and you installed a Windows version that is older than Windows XP SP1.
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