PDF checker? Also, one that works vs. malware PDFs?

By enderlicious
Nov 25, 2012
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  1. Is there an PDF checker(s?) that runs on XP?

    I've seen some command-line unix tools that will give some indications of malicious PDFs... but I'm not sure what I should be looking for in utilities to find something gui-fied, that I can just drop a PDF on and find out if it's going to zip-bomb, or auto-launch (if I'm using FoxIt, I've heard Adobe *might* be on-top of *some* of those security holes), or whatever else...

    I've been downloading PDFs rather indiscriminately, and I'd really like to check 'em (are they working? how many pages? encrypted? have auto-launch commands? etc., etc., etc.) before launching. I'm not sure that my anti-virus and anti-malware will catch 'em if they want to **** with stuff.

    Luckily, I've avoided the iLivid install traps... so far. But that's just because I've been really squirrelly about being willing to launch an exe to get at a PDF. :p
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    You only need a good anti-virus program that scans email and weblinks. Personally I'm using Avast! which does both
    and has triggered a couple of times very nicely.

    It also installs a context menu (right-click on the file name) to scan any existing PDF.
  3. enderlicious

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    Well, Avast is at least looking for them. They claim no other AV software (was) catching this malicious PDF

    Just wondering who's really working on anti-PDF-malware - since they won't be able to compromise my system until I try opening them, I can download as many as I want, then try and figure out if they're malicious....

    Also, it appears that in 2009, 80% of all Adobe exploits were using PDF files... That's kinda scary.
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