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Turn your PC into home theater computer server

By tipstir ยท 156 replies
Sep 23, 2007
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  1. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    New! MVP Explorer Skin Theme Replacement Versions with Internet Browsing

    Note: Picture rendering will vary but the image is at the highest rate with no compression! Pre-shot

    Live Main Menu Shot off the LCD HDTV

    Live Videos Mod Shot with 9 listings instead of 6 in the old MVP skins

    Live Pictures Mod Shot with 12 thumbnails instead of 6 in the old MVP skins

    Live Browser Mod Shot (Internet, Web Cam, Animated Weather Radar Map) 7 listings showing

    Live Browser Mod Shot of Animated Weather Radar Map)

    Here you have it.. Everything is working and their is a tipstir_readme.txt that will explain more about the skin features and how to add your own web sites, weather radar and web cams. I am calling this a prototype skin but it works and been tested. Images are has high as can go with this theme. Look out for Vista MVP DX with will the higher imaging. That should be out later in June 2008 or July?

    Download MVP Explorer v1.00 here.. (first working prototype with Internet Browsing, more thumbnails and listings than prior MVP skins);10699737;/fileinfo.html
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Live Browser Mod Shot of Web Site Browsing (My Tipstir's Blog) Part #1

    Live Browser Mod Shot of Web Site Browsing (My Tipstir's Blog) Part #2

    Web Browser features...
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    New! MVP (Vista MCE) Skin Theme Replacement Versions with Internet Browser

    I am currently building this theme based on Vista Ultimate MCE! -

    It's still under construction everything will be complete with all new graphics! I had thought it would be ready for tonight but not yet...
    What you see might change in the quick shot from live TV shot. Gone is Browser title it will now become Internet for one thing.

    Coming Soon here in this thread.
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Update for MVP Explorer to v1.05

    v1.05 - release 06/20/08

    What's New!

    Changed the main layout of the main menu to what you see above for Weather Plugin coming soon!
    Changed all sub plugin skins to match the main menu skin
    Changed clock position and removed logo from the main menu
    Changed Browser to Web
    Changed Pictures to Photo
    Changed Settings to Setup
    Increase the max listings to 7 for Web

    Download directly from here!;10728206;/fileinfo.html
  5. Obi-Wan Jerkobi

    Obi-Wan Jerkobi TS Maniac Posts: 502

    Cool weather radar, my mom would probably kill for that. :p
  6. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Thanks... More to come in the next post.. I am impress with your home setup their, how come you don't get into Network Media Streaming? These boxes are cheaper now well on ebay I got one for $41 bucks well two more. Everything comes included just have to setup the server which is real easy..
  7. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

  8. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Continued from above postings...






    v1.10 - 06/24/08

    What's New!
    New Main Menu with 7 plugin showing
    Added New! Temp (Weather Plugin with 7 links)
    Added Web folder to use with either Web or Temp Plugins
    Added New! Help Plugin
    Includes a Web Thumbnailer application (freeware)
    Added Web Thumbnailer word.doc with images and how-to-use
    Popup Menu is completed
    Fixed Scheduler
    Fixed Web Plugin shows 7 links
    Web and Temp will allow you to reload/refresh screen and show full screen

    Important Note:

    To show full screen you need to select arrow down then arrow up. Read over the tipstir_readme.txt and how to use web
    thumbnailer applications.doc That program would need to be installed for those who don't have local tv station
    weather radar or would wants to view more than one web site. The web folder that is in \image\web is to be use with Web Thumbnailer. The program will do download and convert HTML (web sites) to JPEG.

    I am working with the author to get more features out of the free gem!

    Download from here:;10787550;/fileinfo.html
  9. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Beta Release today 06/27/08


    First Vista MCE skin theme using some new tricks!

    Right now you can try out this new design it's completely different than my prior skins for MediaMVP.

    I've added transparent features, additional color for items, the main menu works a bit differently than prior as you'll soon see. Full 9 items are now for quick access. Remember the menu uses the left and right arrows and the items will only appear and disappear when you choose the time you want or not. The default item is videos (video library). To access setup you have to press either up or down arrow. When you do the image you see above will appear.

    This is going to be a beta release, as I am still working on the theme. I going to see if I can get my hands on the underwater images I would like to implemented that into this theme or use another image. I did try the large rocks really look great on my LCDs and HDTV. But then I'll have to change the text color otherwise you just won't be able to view the text on the screen.

    So the image use is the same colors as in the VMCE as close as I could get it right. The clock is here also, but not shown and it lined up correctly. The Videos (video library is the only plugin that has the latest colors. The rest are using white only text. That will change by next week or sooner.

    Enjoy this sneak peak..

    Download v0.10B here:;10827071;/fileinfo.html

    Download v0.10B Image Patch for those using the most current beta version for MediaMVP.;10827053;/fileinfo.html
  10. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    New! 9-in-one MVP Skin Theme for Hauppauge MediaMVP



    The above is the best skin I've made so far for
    MediaMVP! I've layered the skin so it looks better
    on CRT, LCD, DLP and Plasma. Temp and Web
    now have 9 entries each. press down on the
    arrow key and that will give you the full button
    image to your right plus press ok gives you direct
    access to setup (settings) I've changed the code
    reprogrammed a lot of features into too better ones.

    New Menu controls <left navigate right > /\ \/ for setup
    Direct access to Setup - configuration
    9 direct access plug-in
    9 listing for videos, music, radio, web, temp
    12 thumbnails for photo (former pictures)
    Web (internet)
    Temp (weather)
    Help (help)
    Setup (former settings)

    Hauppauge MediaMVP (Network Media Player)

    Download v1.00 here:
    9inone_mvp100.exe -
  11. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    Tipstir so this software you're using will ONLY work with the relevent hardware , ie. Hauppauge MediaMVP?

    All i want is a digital cable card to work successfully within vista hp 32-bit. Currently i have the Technotrend C-1501, but it seems a little problematic. I currently use ProgDVB and DVBDream, but their GUI's suck! Mediaportal or SageTV look much nicer but i can't get either to work with the C-1501. MediaPortal dosen't even detect the card. SageTV detects the card but reports 'no signal' when scanning for channels.
    It seems you only use hauppauge products and i love the skins you've done. It seems exactly what i'm looking for.
    You see currently we have 4 pc's all using vista, i applied the registry hack to open the dvd library in vmce, and our dvd's are loaded onto a pc (soon to be moved to a NAS). So anyone on the network can watch a dvd from the library. Kid one's pc has a dvb-t card in and watches/records his FTA channels through vmce. This works fine. So i will put a dvb-t into kid two's identical pc so he can do the same.
    My htcp has a dvb-c (the TT C-1501) card in which vmce doesn't detect that's why i'm looking for some decent and nice looking software that will not give the mrs too much of a headache trying to use it.

    Your extensive knowledge would really help me here my friend. (no pressure, :D )
    If there is a different/better dvb-c card out there then i'm all open to suggestions.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  12. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    I only use Hauppauge as I use to use PCTV product but they where crap with fuzzy picture and software and hardware issues. When I learned about Hauppauge I decided to go for it, and never looked anywhere else. Now you're using Vista on all your systems I am not! Only got Vista Business SP1 running, but secondaries are XP Pro SP2 and one 2000 SP4, primary system is Windows Server 2003 for HTPC Server running SageTV to record and Hauppauge MediaMVP Server software for network media client (mediaMVP) is what these kinds are used for. They have MVP in europe but you would have to use SCART model. It does support vista. DVB-T stuff I don't get to that stuff. STB digital and analog is what I do here. Cable Card for the PC is still out of my reach and I don't know if my Cable Provider will offer it or not?

    I have 4x DCT where 2x DVR DCT Motorola HDTV Dual models with dual tuners I use those to record SD/HD. I use the HTPC to also record, as the DVR can only remote two stations at the sametime I need to have some flex recording so I use Sagetv.

    MediaMVP are used instead of a PC in every room connected to SD or HD TV. Plus it saves on energy. To me they're easy to use. I was going to get a 8th one off ebay was cheap less than $50 bucks.

    DVD players DVD on the PC really don't do it as I did, everything is on the internet down in AVI and the MediaMVP uses Divx engine well in my case the Divix Pro engine is much better to use. Now with PODcast stuff I can download the file in Divx and watch it on my HDTV or SDTV right from the MediaMVP. Each PC on the network is connected to the MVP server to pull in media files.

    Well are you using Vista MCE on the other PCs then use Sagetv as your recorded but didn't you say Sagetv can't detect somehthing you have hardware wise?

    Old MediaMVP GUI

    New MediaMVP GUI with my designs in skins and plug-in GUI
  13. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    Completely lost by the ^^^^^^^ post, lol.
    Yeah, i was saying that SageTV could detect my dvb-c card but not find a signal when scanning for channels, hence i could not set it up.
    Uninstalling SageTV also bollocked up the other 2 progs i use for watching tv, until i did a system restore back to before i uninstalled it.
  14. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Did I confuse you above? I'll try not to get to technical... :)

    See I don't bother to update the Sagetv 5.x to any of the new 6 versions as I see so much problems with the 6 versions. When they were at 5.x it seems stable as soon as they add new features then a lot of updates I'll wait for version 7?. I don't use the DVB-C, DVB-T stuff so I can't comment on that stuff. The same goes with Hauppuage software for MediaMVP right now it's works great with Vista the current beta. I am not one to try using beta software so I use the most current none beta. But I have to test it out with my current skins just need to create image patch as the new beta dumps files in a hidden location.

    I did try BeyondTV which was awful and then I couldn't uninstall it, so I store all my systems by computername.image For system HDD recovery. Works great for problem like this.

    Did you try Media Portal and GBPVR (ouch!) but those two are free the only problem with both of them is the way you have to get the EPG (electronic program guide) without that guide they're mere media players not recorder. EPG you have to pay for that yearly at additional cost. Sagetv and Beyond TV you don't have to do that once you shell out the cash to buy those two.

    Also try Got All Media, Chris TV, Freevo (open source). I've tried them all still stick with Sagetv to manage the recording and then use Media Portal as just a Media Center Player on systems attached to the HDTVs using wireless laser mouse and wireless keyboard. I don't like Sagetv Media Center too much.
  15. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    07/01/08 - update

    07/01/08 - releases

    What's New!

    1. Fixed the fonts/frame in videos, music, radio, web, temp, photo, sched, help, setup So everything looks neat and fits right in side the image instead of bleeding over the graphics.

    2. Fixed Music ID Image that's always been eye saw, as it always been static blue, not anymore. Images uses are going to be standard, save time for me to make newer skins. OSD for TV and the popup menus will be the same trans-black look.

    3. All New Popup Menus and Popup Music Menu all graphics are completed.
    4. Fixed Radio title display so you can now read what you have selected.
    5. Everything that was need to be updated or fixed...

    Download 9inone_mvp100.exe (3,700KB);10852247;/fileinfo.html

    Download New! 9-in-one_update.exe (503KB) 07/01/08
    Updates 9inone_mvp100.exe;10885298;/fileinfo.html

    Download New! 9-in-one_beta_patch.exe (3,700KB) 07/01/08
    Image Patch for Beta 34_25345 Hauppauge MediaMVP software;10885203;/fileinfo.html
  16. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109


    Setting-up and Using Scheduler with MVP using my 9-in-one skin

    1. Make sure when you install the MVP software you had chosen to interact with PVR-xxx card. Setup the Password also.

    2. Install both Wintv6 and Wintv2000 to work with WintvScheduler.

    3. Add Logon as with passwords to Hauppauge TV Server and MVP 2 servers in services.

    Now if you done it right it should look like this...



    I'll have a update for Sched soon.. I thought about adding a TV guide using Program Guide from TitanTV shown below. Also I just heard back from Hauppauge will I had spoken to them on the phone they told me that LiveTV features will be in WinTV7 for MediaMVP. Cool!

    EPG Guide

  17. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Hauppauge WinTV6


    Here you have if you don't want to use pay-for SAGETV, BeyondTV that comes with free EPG and the freeware ones like Got All Media, CTPVR, (GBPVR, Media Portal,) these you have to pay for EPG even-though they're free. Zap2it drop free EPG. But there is aways WinTV! This is one of the simple TV players/Recorder for your PC. WinTV6 supports Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008 and XP Pro/Home. As you can see above it's plain and simple. Works great, I must say now with TitanTV EPG you just select what you want with one button and WinTV Scheduler will do the rest. When it time to run your schedule record, you'll see depending on the number of tuner cards installed and the number of programs scheduled popup balloons will appear and red dots meaning Hauppauge Recording Service is recording: STARGATE ATLANTIS to give you and idea.

    Next I'll explain how everything works with the Hauppauge tuner cards.

    I only use Hauppauge Tuner cards PVR-150 2x and 1x PVR-150MCE I had 4 but they're gone DOA after 4 years of heavy recording usage. 24/7 no-stop. The newer ones like HVR-1600, HVR-1800 are for HDTV recordings, but they would do me no good if you couldn't record from Component or HDMI back to the tuner. Not with Cox. You could record if you're near a huge major city off ANT HDTV if you want through Coax line instead.

    If you want to record non-HDTV through Cox you should get the Hauppauge PVR-150 with 45 button remote or the PVR-150 MCE cheaper no remote though. Remote good if you want to turn the PC into a DVR only. Otherwise I use the mouse and to record. Then you can download from Hauppauge for free WinTV6 that comes with WinTV Scheduler and TitanTV Program Guide this is very easy to setup and TitanTV account is for free. Just click through your browser on the TV guide marked with a red dot what you want to record and that's it! It will show up in the WinTV Scheduler for you. You really don't have to do anymore.

    Look at the TitanTV EPG site now to get a gest of what I am mean.

    Enter in your zipcode

    Your local tv guide should appear and you should also see those red dots used to record. PTVrec.applet gets installed on your system by Hauppauge when you install WinTV6. This is needed for it to work. Also works with IE and Firefox.
  18. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

  19. 2Sher2

    2Sher2 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    ..thank you
  20. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Vista MCE 2008 Skin Theme Released for MediaMVP

    Vista MCE 2008 Skin Theme Released for MediaMVP

    - Update!
    Here's where I am at now with this theme...
    Going to feature dual menu navigation up, down left right or right or left down or up doesn't matter as I'll show you in the image samples:
    Internet Former (Web) sports clock with day of the week - active real-time


    Online Radio Former (Radio)


    More to come still working on the theme and fixing the plugins..

    I've released this theme today you see prior posts...
    Still be worked on by myself and Jedi input too.
    Anyone else wants to add to the theme let me know.
    email me at:

    Note: Improvements again, this time Photo Library is fixed Jedi input and I found a another bug tonight. The new fixes are in placed. Jedi provided the day of the week to the clock on the main and some plugins. I am working on add the other video plugin that has thumbnails but will display 12. That' s not included yet in this release. The layout of the menu is included in the help plugin. Also in the tipstir_readme.txt
  21. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

  22. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    MediaMVP VMCE 2008 Build 2.00 (7/15/08)

    Released Build 2.00 07/15/08

    What's New!
    Added scroll up, down left to right to Internet and Weather see help
    Added 800, 1024 width changes for Internet and Weather see help for more
    Added date/animated clock to all plug-in skins including OSD for Videos
    Added volume control to all plug-in skins that didn't have that feature
    Fixed Photo Library alignment
    Fixed Main Menu Date/Clock alignment
    Fixed System Folders plug-in skins so they will show highlight add items
    Fixed Systems Folders plug-in skins that didn't exit out
    Changed all popupmenus with the vmce theme
    Changed all visual volume in plug-in skins that have the feature
    Changed graphics used to display OSD timer to top position
    Fixed graphic showing on the bottom when video was launched in OSD timer
    Help is now active for the controls provided and Internet and Weather
    Added to key commands to areas that needed so you can use the blue button
    Quick switch between the Internet and Weather using the Blue button
    Main Menu supports Blue button command for using Playlist in Music
    Beta Image Patch included for 34_25305 and 34_25345

    Supported MediaMVP Software:

    Direct download here (vmce_mvp200.exe)
  23. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Part 1 of 2 - Final Release of MVP - Vista MCE Blue ORG Build 2.10 (7/18/08)





  24. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Part 2 of 2 - Final Release of MVP - Vista MCE Blue ORG Build 2.10 (7/18/08)






    Released Build 2.10 07/18/08

    What's New!
    Media Center Vista default Blue/Highlights skin for MediaMVP
    Fixed main menu navigation method to match that of Vista MCE 2008
    Updated Photo Library to 15 thumbnails 5Wx3L=15 instead of 12 prior
    Improved on the Photo Library Selector to match the main menu
    Added new titles for folder, configuration and setup
    Fixed help so it doesn't hang the MVP or slow it down.
    Improved speed and performance of the skin theme with newer code
    Included a new OSD for Video playback with correct date/clock display
    Text highlight is now Bold skin/plug-ins
    Enchaned all selectors popupmenus to match the new main menu
    Samples are included for Internet and Weather
    And more...

    Supported MediaMVP Software:

    Direct download here (vmce_mvp_org.exe)

    New Media MVP Vista MCE Aqua Underwater theme is coming out soon!
  25. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,412   +109

    Update for VMCE Blue ORG for MediaMVP

    What's New!

    Minior Tweaking To the Theme (as seen in the youtube video)
    Increased the links listing from 9 to 10 (max is 12 in next Aqua theme)
    Increased the URL links for Internet/Weather from 9 to 11 (max is 12)
    Increased space showing items in all listings so you see the full length
    Improved fonts usage
    Added About Skin/Plug-in in Settings
    Added Blue buttons to quickly get back to the main menu
    Changed Browse Add/Remove Hightlights in Settings/Folder/Browse Skins
    Updated Popup Menus
    An etc..

    Direct download of the update here:

    Note you still required to download vmce_mvp_org.exe

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